Chocolate Mint Tea Popsicles

Popsicle made with chocolate mint tea.

Chocolate Mint Pop

We love cooking with our tea and who doesn’t love a popsicle to cool down on a hot summer day?  These tea popsicles are a great way to cool down and enjoy your favorite beverage and better still are made with our Chocolate Mint rooibos tea so they are a caffeine free, kid friendly, option.

Chocolate Mint Tea Popsicles (Makes 6)

3 Tablespoons of Chocolate Mint Tea

2 cups water

1 cup whole milk (You can use a lowfat milk, it will make the popsicles more icy and less creamy.)

3 teaspoons agave nectar

3 teaspoons tsp vanilla

Chocolate chips, optional

Bring the water to a boil and steep the tea in the water for 7 minutes. Strain off the tea and allow to cool. Whisk together the tea, milk agave nectar and vanilla. If the mixture is at room temperature, the popsicles will freeze faster if you put the mixture in the refrigerator for a few hours to cool down. Then pour the mixture into your popsicle molds and freeze per manufacturers instructions. If you want to use the chocolate chips the trick is to wet the bottom of the chips with a little bit of the popsicle mixture and stick them to the sides of the mold. If that doesn’t work, you can drop them in after pouring in most of the mixture. However, they will sink to what will become the top of the popsicle. If you used the tried and true paper cup and tongue depressor method, you will need about 4 hours for these to freeze, but the safer bet is over night.

The Chocolate Mint rooibos tea can be replaced easily with South Africian Chai, Masala Chai or Chocolate Chai in this recipe to spice it up even more.

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