Connoisseur Tea? Adventurous? Conventional? What’s with the tea categories?

If you’ve ever had some of our tea, experienced our Purcellville Virginia Tasting Room, or explored our website you may have noticed one of the icons below associated with our teas. Or maybe you just stumbled across these terms while looking for tea by experience on our website. Either way, we figured it was probably about time to clarify what these mean and why you will see them on our teas. Most tea drinkers are familiar with browsing teas by country or by tea type. But we wanted to offer an alternative way to search for great teas based simply on your experience with tea. In short, the idea is to group teas based on your preference for blended and/or flavored teas, something a bit more traditional, and something truly special in the world of tea. Each path offers great tea but is another way to help zero in on the perfect experience for you.

Connoisseur Tea, Adventurous Tea, or Conventional Tea

An alternative way to find new teas.

Conventional Tea

We categorize our conventional tea options as great tasting teas which are less traditional and are generally blended with other great ingredients like hibiscus, jasmine, ginger, or a host of other great additions. These teas may also be flavored to help add some pop to the aroma or flavor.

Adventurous Tea

For those who want to explore a bit more, or have an adventurous streak, we offer our adventurous teas. These teas generally step away from the added ingredients and flavorings and explore higher quality teas coming from unexpected or nontraditional regions. While most adventurous teas are not blends or flavored, there are some, especially with a base tea from named estates or geographic regions, or unexpected flavor combinations.

Connoisseur Tea

Finally our connoisseur tea selection is for those looking for some of the best tea available. You will find named teas (like Dragonwell, aka Longjing Tea) linked to a specific region or estate. Of all our tea categories, our connoisseur tea group reflects the best for experience tea drinkers, typically features teas of a premium pluck, and those that can be particularly difficult to obtain.

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