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We are thrilled you found something you like on our website. At Dominion Tea we obviously love tea but we also love to research and write about tea and the intersection of tea with history and culture. We spend a good deal of time reading, talking to people, and writing about tea.

If you find something you like and want to quote or otherwise link to our website please feel free. We would love it if you let us know but that’s really not critical.

If you really love our logo or content and have an idea for re-use please reach out first so we can discuss your idea.

If you sell tea or have a business model based on tea content, then lifting content directly from others who have invested time and energy is theft and we suggest you have a look at the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) before you continue.

Please note that the tea world is an exciting place and there is so much to talk about. One thing Dominion Tea is very careful about is making claims about miracle cures or dramatic health benefits associated with this wonderful drink. We will not entertain the use of our material in support of such claims. With rare exceptions our focus is only on great tea, it’s history, and cultural impacts and we would be honored to be referenced in support of furthering this message.


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